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Timing Your Lip Blush Appointment

Clients ask me this question all the time, and I love that, because timing your lip blush appointment is super important and can effect your final results greatly! There are varies things to consider when choosing a date for your appointment. The main deciding factors will take into consideration the time leading up to the appointment and the days following the appointment. So without further delay here are my top things to consider organized from before to after the appointment!

Menstrual Cycle - If you are someone who experiences menstruation, I always recommend picking a date that does not fall within your expected week of menstruation. The body can experience increased skin sensitivity during this time due to the change in hormones, which subsequently can cause more pain and discomfort. Other factors that can increase sensitivity are caffeine and other stimulants, alcohol, sleep deprivation (fatigue).

Pre-Care Prep - There is a one week mandatory pre care routine that all clients should adhere to before their appointment, so make sure to book no less than one week in advance! During the week leading up to your appointment, you will be exfoliating, moisturizing, and hydrating your lips. Additionally you will be required to abstain from any blood thinners such as caffein, pain killers, omega's Ect. for 3 days before the appointment. For clients who have previously experienced cold sores, this is also the time when you can take an anti viral medication to reduce the change of an outbreak after the procedure.

Post Appointment Healing -Post appointment, clients will need to abstain from

prolonged sun exposure. So if you are planning on being in the sun a lot post appointment for a vacation or other purposes, it is better to plan for another time or make an effort to shield your lips from the sun for a solid week or two. Everyday sun exposure is fine but be sure to keep it to a minimum. UV rays can cause damage and over fading of the lips during the healing process. Clients should also be aware that swelling of the lips can occur doing the appointment, but will likely disappear within 24-48 hours post procedure. Slight peeling and flakiness of the lips is also normal for the first 3-7 days. Given this, clients should consider booking their appointment for a time when they do not have any important events scheduled for the following week.

Touch-up Appointment - Once you have completed your initial lip blush appointment you can start planning for your 4-8 week touch-up. The touch-up appointment is generally the same when it comes to pre care and aftercare, but the healing usually will be much quicker than the initial appointment, due to the fact that less work is done on the lip's during the touch-up. Now that you have a better idea of what factors you should consider before booking, you are all set to pick a date! Head over to my services page to book your consultation or appointment today!

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