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  • What is lip blush?
    Lip Blush is a semi permanent lip tattoo procedure, in which a small needle is used to deposit pigment into the lip skin. The procedure is focused on adding colour, definition and structure to the lips. The results of lip blush can last anywhere from 1-3 years, most clients return around the 1-1.5 year mark to do an annual touch up session.
  • How long does lip blush take to heal?
    After the initial session you will see some visual signs of healing for the first seven days. Lips will return back to normal after the first week and fully healed results can be seen at the four week mark.
  • Can you have lip blush done if you've had lip fillers?
    Yes! Just make sure to wait a minimum 2 weeks after having lip filler to have lip blush done. Lip Blush works great for people who have had lip fillers, as it help re pigment the lip skin. As you add filler to you lips it stretches the skin which can make your lips appear paler. So before you decide to add more filler to your lips, consider having lip blush done, as adding colour to our lips helps them appear fuller and plumper!
  • Does lip blush hurt?
    Numbing cream is used through out the procedure to help keep clients comfortable. Some discomfort is to be expected but most clients find the procedure very tolerable and 100% worth it!
  • What is it like working in the Lash industry? How much can you make?
    Working as a lash artist is an amazing job, it is flexible, financially rewarding and creative! Most lash artist make anywhere from $40-$100 and hour. Taking a lash course is the first and most important step in starting your lash career. What comes next is a direct reflection of the effort and time you put into perfecting your craft and growing your business. As a Lash educator it is my job to give my students all the techniques and information they will need to learn the art of lashing. As a Business owner and supporter of all my students, it is also my job to share my knowledge of how to effectively run, grow and streamline your business!
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