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If you are looking for a go to lash line to accomodate all your lashinig needs...Look no further lash artists, the Sexy Silk Collection is your new best friend. Soft matte black silk  lashes available in C,D and L curl.  


- Double heat curled matte black Silk Lashes 


-Eco friendly paper box packaging help you cut down on your plastic waste, recycle the box with other paper products when finished.


-Easy peel strips keep your lash palet clean and free of sticky paper

Sexy Silk Collection

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The Sexy Silk Lash collection is a premium lash collection made from recycled PBT fibres. Regular silk Lashes are created from a mid grab PBT ( higher quality than synthetic) but their impact on our earth is much higher than a recycled PBT fibre. Our lash deliver on quality and sustainabilty. Artist backed and created, these lashes are sure to become your new Go-to lash extensions. 

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